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Why Choose

Okun Loritz, LLP?

1.  Experience

Our attorneys have decades of experience solving difficult legal problems; assisting management with real-world, practical solutions; advising Boards of Directors; and working with federal and state regulators.  So, whether you have a regular, day-to-day compliance question or a complex problem, we'll work with you to find a solution that not only fits your needs, but we pledge to do it on time and on budget.

2.  Lower Billing Rates

Big firms have big expenses, and this is reflected in their billing practices.  At Okun Loritz, LLP, we take pride in the fact that we're a "boutique" firm - we focus on a few things and we do them very well - and, because we're more efficient, we aren't driven by the "billable hour."  Instead, our attorneys are focused on achieving great results, which, to us, includes accomplishing our clients' goals in a cost-efficient manner. To this end, we think you'll find that our fees are reasonable (e.g., below market) and that, given our experience, we're able to complete projects faster than you've come to expect from other firms, which reduces your legal expenses.  We'll also work with you to establish a fixed, per project fee when appropriate.  

3.  Responsiveness

At other firms, turn-around times are usually measured in weeks rather than in days.  At Okun Loritz, LLP, our average turn-around time is about 48 hours or less.  Of course, circumstances sometimes arise that are out of our control and some projects, by their very nature, cannot be completed within 2 days, but we have established a reputation for turn-around times that are second-to-none and, since we aim to exceed our clients' expectations, we will not be outworked by any other firm.  

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